Life. First of all, I believe in Life. The entitlement of all humans to Life. Which can be taken by other humans only under the most exceptional of circumstances decided by the larger community for the betterment of mankind and their own survival. While there is a theological and scientific dispute about when Life begins, I am content to believe that it starts at the moment of conception. For, since a man and a woman are capable of bringing that moment about, I believe they both must take joint responsibility for the creation of that Life by their mutual acts, and from that moment onward.



Thus I do not believe that the woman inside of which that conception has occurred has a unilateral right to terminate that life. At the minimum the decision should be made by the father and not just the mother. Or by society for extraordinary reasons - not just the convenience or whim of the woman. Those who create life must do all they can to sustain it - the Survival of our Species depends on that fundamental ethic.