To Teach the Dalai Lama Wireless

Well, not exactly directly. But to help his large contingent of followers who live in and around Dharamsala, India where he - the supreme leader of Tibetans who fled Tibet in 1950 (while I was at war in Korea) as the Chinese invaded their country.) To assist them technologically.

India gave he and his followers sanctuary from the inevitable religious persecution by the Chinese to come - whose communist creed believes in no religion. The Dalia Lama created in Dharamsala, in north west India, his government and Bhuddist religion in exile.

The Dalia Lama, as you who have seen him repeatedly around the world seeking support for his efforts to return Tibet to its rightful owners, know that he is thoroughly 'modern.' He and his followers in that pretty remote place have long used computers. A group who wanted to help out the exiles, set up a 'mesh wireless' network at the center of the area where the supporters of the Dalia Lama lived and worked. They thought it would be helpful to convene a conference attracting many of the leading technology experts, and when the 4 meeting days were over, to run workshops to help train the Tibetans.

They called it the Air-Jaldi Wireless Summit. I was invited to be a key speaker. The Dalia Lama himself wrote a warm invitation and greeting to the attendee groups and principals of which I was one.


Here is the Air Jaldi Conference Brochure, in PDF format. Click Here


You can follow the entire trip, Air-Jaldi conference, associated activites, in two ways.

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