Since returning from China. married, in 1990, and residing at 2219 West Kiowa Street in Colorado Springs, both Edward and wife Haning pursued their own careers. Edward, with technological and management skills has worked at several firms the last 20 years. He also earned a Management Degree from Colorado Technical University. 

Haning, first tutoring local Taiwanese parent's youth, first pursued her Masters Degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, was then hired by the Air Force Academy to instruct cadets in Chinese, then progressed over 19 years, including earning her Phd from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. And by 2015, she - as a DOD - civilian, manages the four Strategic Languages taught by the Academy - Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.  

Annually for many of the last 6 years she has had to accompany cadets to China for their further Chinese language and Cultural education, while also visiting her very elderly parents in Dalien, China. 

Edward and Haning produced two boys - David XIII and Justin, 3 years apart. 

Both boys attended only local School District 11  public  schools - Chipeta Elementary, Holmes Junior High, and Palmer High School.

Both have done well, though David has excelled. By the time he was 15, he tested out as a Mensan (top 2% of the population in general intelligence) and has been accepted into that exclusive group.

Then when he reached High School, he was placed in advanced classes, including the Baccalaureate Programs, scoring high and very high all 4 years (even while he had to be treated and be operated on for Thyroid Cancer the last 3 years)

He applied to several Colleges, and, out of 450 Palmer High graduates in June 2014, he was the ONLY student accepted with full scholarships to both Harvard and Stanford.

He accepted, and is, as of 2015, attending Harvard. 

Justin, 3 years younger than David, is still (1915) at Palmer High School. While he is not as advanced as David academically, he is a good athelete - a Hockey Player. And is proving to be one of the best players on the Palmer High Team, scoring in most games.