So here it is Christmas 2013, and I am 85 years old, approaching 86.

Its been over 2 years since Patsy died, so I live alone, with our dog Lucy, in our 100 year old house we bought 35 years ago. It is very much still, for me and my children, Home.

Now, while I never was a cook, the miracle of Microwave Ovens, permits me to eat 90 second breakfasts, 90 second lunches, and 90 second dinners. So I get along just fine, while each of my children - all of whom live in their own homes less than 2 miles of mine, feed me at their place at least once a week.

Since Diana is from an Hispanic family, Haning is Chinese, and Rebecca is WASP, I really have a balanced diet. Once a week I eat Mexican, once American, and once Chinese!

Partly because I have the only fully expandable dining room table around, Thanksgiving's and Christmas meals since 2011 have been held here in my house. The ladies in each family prepare the meals. I simply preside over the proceedings.

Of course with the ever increasing number of grand and great-grand children, that becomes quite a crowd.

In fact, yesterday's Christmas meal was surrounded by no less than 15 people. Very festive. With me carving up the large turkey.


Patsy and I always loved Classical music. Not only did we have a large library of audio discs and tapes we listened to, we, and now I, have listened for decades the local all-classical FM radio stationKCME, I continued to donate to it every year, up to several thousand dollars.

With a new large screen Television, connected to cable television, and with ever more advanced technical features, such as voice command control, and 'program memories' I expect to enjoy it to my end.

And while I am working at my computer, I always listen to the Operas when they are in season. In fact, right now I am listening to Puccini's Turandot.

I am gradually getting acquainted with the story lines of all the great operas.


It is now nearing the end of the year 2015. I am now 87 Years Old, and doing fine, still living alone (with my adult married children still living nearby, I am well cared for. So, besides keeping up with International News, and walking my dog Lucy every morning after driving to the Country Dog Track, I spend some time refining and updating this Legacy Web site.

In September of this year, I travelled, unaccompanied, to France, for a week long conducted Tour, that included, besides Paris, both the World War II battlefields - Omaha and Utah Beaches - where the June 1944 Invasion by the US and it allies took place.

I especially wanted to see Utah Beach, where the same 4th Infantry Division I served as a commander in 1968-72 at Fort Carson, landed on D-Day June 6th 1944.

It was a splendid trip - Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the large and beautiful American Normandy Cemetery. A visit to the great Rheims Cathedral, the world famous Mumms Winery, the small Rheims School House/Museum where General Esienhower accepted the final surrender of the German Army in 1945.

I returned to Colorado, unable to attend the Last Reunion of the Korean War Chapter of the 7th Cavalry veterans. They did a CD video of that final gathering of soldiers who were as young as 17 when I, 22, fought in the Korean War.

So, time marches on. But I look forward to my 88th Birthday, come May18th, 2016.