When we got back from our Honeymoon in late July 1953, we were given 'Married Officers' brick and modern, even if not the great 'Old Army' wooden barns quarters like Patsy's parents, Major Simpson and Mary had on the Main Post.

But AT LAST I was out of those small, old, hot, WWII model wooden Bachelor 'rooms.'

Our first two years of Married Life were spent at Fort Benning. Now I had been at Benning one year already, before we were married, starting my duties as a Tactical Department Instructor. That tale, with pictures, is under 'Benning Years' rather than here "Married Life'. Here much of that and the next year, through the summer of 1954 rotated around our first child, David, who was born May 3d, 1954.

I always joked that since I could't have him born in Colorado, I wanted him born on a 'Federal Reservation' (i.e. Fort Benning Army Hospital) rather than being a 'Georgia Cracker'

So to get right to the point - here are pictures of Patsy ready to go to the Hospital with unborn David. Right after his birth, our Instant Assouncement I made, and then me holding the product we both produced. I had the easy, fun job producing him.



5 minutes old


Birth Announcement




Before our Family Quarters at Fort Benning, 1954



Feeding the newborn David


And of course Jane, Patsy's dog which came with the marriage, had to get in the first act of educating very young David.