Air Medals (14)

One Air Medal is awarded for every 5 combat missions. This medal represents 70 Heliborne Combat Assaults where I was the Mission Commander. One Silver Oak Leaf Cluster equals 5 Bronze Oakleaf Clusters.

Air Medal with 2 Silver and 4 Bronze Star Clusters


Combat Infantry Badge (w/Star

Denoting 2 Wars)


Joint Services Commendation Medal


                                            To Accompany the Award of             

                                          THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
                                   JOINT SERVICE COMMENDATION MEDAL



                    Lieutenant Colonel David R. Hughes, United States Army


Lieutenant Colonel David R. Hughes, 062721,United States , has distinguished himself by meritorious service as the principal staff Assistant for Counterinsurgency in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) from 15 October 1965 to 15 July 1966. The consistently outstanding caliber of his performance in this capacity contributed sigificantly to a more profound understanding at senior policy levels of the U.S. Government of the root causes and means of combating insurgency in friendly areas. His remarkable ability to diagnose the problem and presentthe findings enabled senior DoD officials to communicate more effectively with the Congress and the general public regarding the nature of the challenge to progress in lesser developed nations and the need for a more positive and constructive set of U.S. preventative actions.

As a result of his extraordinary professional talents and his out-
standing personality, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes was able to establish quickly an unusually effective set of relationships with other key officers and senior officials concerned with our overseas defense programs. This resulted in his being consistently able to provide timely and valuable staff support to the Assistant Secretary and his chief advisers on matters affecting DoD interests in this subject area.

His imagination, judgment, and the breadth of his understanding of all of the factors pertinent to U.S. plans and policies in the lesser developed areas of the world resulted in his being able to make a very considerable contribution to the DoD role in this aspect of our security affairs and reflected great credit upon himself, the US. Army and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.



Getting JSCOM Award from Asst Sec Def Adam Yarmolinksi

With family (less too young Edward) I think this was about the only ceremony where I was awarded a medal which the family was invited to attend.

And a whole high ranking Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara civilian staff (with 3 general officers, two in civies) present for the award. Why? My reputation as just an 'Army Lieutentant Colonel' soared after I got national and international attention by writing Sec McNamara's May 18th, 1966 speech redefining the nature (insurgencies) - and our proper response (counterinsurgencies with 'development' - political, economic, social - as our key.) This was in 1966. Which prediction of the next war and became the national strategy to wage it was borne out perfectly 35 years later with 9/11, followed by our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan.